Become a Taxi Driver

What do I need to apply for a Taxicab Permit?

Make an appointment with SunLine Regulatory Administration (SRA) by calling 760-797-8860.

Then you will need the following.

  1. Taxi DriverDriver application form. Completed in-person at SunLine
  2. New Driver Application Fee. This can be paid online or at SunLine
  3. Current California Driver's License
  4. Current 10-year DMV print-out
  5. "Intent to Hire." Provided to you by the Taxi Franchise you will be driving under
  6. Signed permit. Done in-person at SunLine
  7. LiveScan fingerprinting. SunLine will direct you to the location
  8. Drug Test. SunLine will direct you to the location

Once you have successfully processed through the permit steps, you will receive your taxicab permit.

Please note that the result from the drug testing facility and the Department of Justice can take up to 10 business days to process. 


The Driver has the right to request of the passenger the following:

  1. No smoking.
  2. Wear your seatbelt.
  3. Board the taxicab only from the curb or right side of the taxicab or the wheelchair accessible ramp.
  4. Payment for fare must be made by cash or credit card, when boarding or at your destination.
  5. If you dispute the fare, quietly discuss it with the driver or request to speak to the local dispatcher/manager. You may also file a complaint with SRA, 760-797-8860.